Poor (1)
Average (2)
Above Average (3)
Score (Out of 6 pts)
Collected Research/Artifacts
Little to no research. Research not cited correctly. No varying materials
Decent amount of research. More than one type of material collected. All materials cited correctly.
Abundant amount of research collected. More than three types of materials presented. All materials cited correctly.
Very little research presented in virtual museum. Layout does not flow. Little creative design visible. Very few pictures. Not well rehearsed.
Some research presented. Layout seems somewhat thought out. Shows some creative thought and has multiple pictures. Presentation flows with only a few flaws.
Abundant research presented. Layout shows clear purpose. Creatively made with a large amount of pictures. Presentation clearly rehearsed with no flaws.

Individual Research Paper

Poor structure. Little knowledge of topic presented. Little or no research presented. Improper or no citations. Multiple spelling or grammatical errors.


Somewhat thought out structure. Some knowledge of topic shown. A good amount of research given and cited properly. Very few spelling or grammatical mistakes.

Structure thought out with clear purpose. Thorough knowledge of topic. Abundant amount of research presented and cited properly. No grammatical or spelling errors.


(2 pts.)Extra Credit Option #1:  Song Writing

Little thought given to content or structure of the song.  Little evidence shown of assimilation of song writing information.  Inadequate effort to music creation.
Somewhat thought out structure.  Embodies traditional style.  Content of the song holds personal meaning.  Music fits the song content.
Strong structure  embodies traditional format.  Song writing is meaningful with ties to personal story or historic event.  Literary techniques such as metaphor,  simile, or imagery is used effectively. 
(2 pts.)Extra Credit Option #2:  Instrument Building

Instrument is not made or is incomplete.  No attention to detail.
Instrument is completed but with little attention to detail.  The instrument does not play as designed.
The instrument is completed with attention to detail.  The instrument plays as designed.