by Nick Friedman, NCAT

The exhibit is a showcase of traditional Appalachian Music. Specific elements of this musical genre including its historical roots, cultural influences, instrumentation, and modern day successors will be the focus.


The Scotch-Irish were among the first Europeans to settle in the Appalachian mountains beginning in the late 1700's.  They brought with them their own unique style of music which took root in these mountains. Over the last 200 years this music has slowly been shaped by people of different cultures. What we today think of as Bluegrass and Country Music, can be traced  all the way back to this early music.  

 The Smithsonian Institute plans to have a special tent at their upcoming Smithsonian Folklife Festival which will showcase traditional Appalachian music.  They have chosen your group to be in charge of the exhibit .  You will need to research and collect materials that explain the history and style of Appalachian music.