by Sarah Simmons, Ashland University

Modified by Heather Wenzler, Livermore Valley Charter School

This has been designed with a 6th grade science class in mind. It requires the students to research one of many areas in which there has been significant technological advancement (electricity, transportation, communication, etc.). The students will work in groups of three, each focusing on one of the following: specific advancements and the people behind them, advantages to society and/or the environment because of these advancements, and disadvantages to society and/or the environment because of these advancements. Students will present their findings in a timeline and poster and will give an oral presentation to the classroom.


Have you ever wondered what life would be like without computers or cable TV?  How might your life be different if there weren't cars, phones, or microwaves?  There have been many improvements in technology in recent years.  Just 50 years ago, the Internet, cell phones, and iPods did not exist.  Our world is a different place today because of these changes.  In this webquest, we will be researching some of these technological improvements and analyzing how they have impacted our lives.