1. Each student picks a topic to research under your general topic.
Example: Air pollution
Person one is in charge of researching what this pollution is.  How does it develop?  Where does it come from?  What are the causes?
Person two is in charge of researching the effects of this pollution.  How is this harmful?  Who is it harming? Where is it most harmful?
Person three is in charge of the solution.  What can be done about this pollution?  Who can have the greatest impact?  What are some steps to cut down on its harmful effects?
 2. After you decide on who does what research it is time to get to work...
Your textbook can be used as one information source.  Each group will have three or more combined sources.  You will be required to site your sources on your powerpoint presentation.
Websites that can be used include: (GOOD ONE!)
You can use other websites as well! 
3.  Time to regroup.  
With your team members, discuss what you have found out about your pollution.  Everyone should have information to put on a power point. 
4. Time to put it all together.
You will now create a point, you can decide how to do this.  One person can be on the computer while others give them information or each person can be in charge of their own page.  
The power point must include 4 page.
Page 1- What is this pollution and what are its causes?
Page 2- What are the negative effects, positive effects (if any)?
Page 3- Solutions can be listed. They group must write a short summary telling us why it is important we know about this type of pollution and what we can do together to make a change.
Page 5- Websites cited
Image are a plus.
5. Your final task is to convince us to cut back. 
Using your powerpoint share with us what this pollution is, why it's harmful, and what we can do.  This only need to be a three-five minute presentation.