by Samantha Prochnow, Roosevelt University

Students will be required to create a power point that details one type of pollution. In groups students will explore a type of pollution; air, water, land, noise, or light. Students will explore the causes of this pollution, the effects, and what we can do about it.

Teacher Introduction

 Feel free to adapt this web quest to meet your educational purposes.  This format can be applied to most anything, natural disasters, important events or people in history, any world crisis.  

Some of these types of pollution have less information then others, it may be useful to break it into bigger groups using just land, air, and water pollution.  You may also want to cut out the power point or presentation for a more simplified version.

The best website I found was...
It is also a good time to introduce citing websites and the importance of citing.  Teaching plagiarism at a young age is beneficial.