Step #1 - Research

With your assigned partner, answer the following questions on your "Research Information" sheet about each of Lincoln's famous speeches/writings, using the links below each set of questions:

Emancipation Proclamation:

*1. Describe the main ideas of the Emancipation Proclamation 

*2. What did it do?

*3. What impact did the Emancipation Proclamation have on the economy of the South?

*4. How and why did Lincoln want to free the slaves?

*5. What was Lincoln’s vision for the Union?

*6. What was this an important document?

Research links:

National Archives

Library of Congress

Ben's Guide to Government


The Gettysburg Address:

*1. Describe the battle of Gettysburg

*2. Who won and how many casualties on each side (Union and Confederacy)? 

*3. What was the purpose of his speech?

*4. Explain and define the main ideas of the speech.

5. Why is this an important speech?

Research links:

Library of Congress

Ben's Guide to Government

Battle of Gettysburg

National Park Service

Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address:

*1. Describe the tone of his speech.

2. How does Lincoln describe the North and the South, and what each side was trying to achieve in the war?

*3. What was Lincoln trying to accomplish through the words of this speech?

*4. What was Lincoln planning to do with the South after the war ended?

5. Why was this an important speech?

Research links:

Library of Congress

Second Library of Congress site

National Public Radio

*These questions were taken from this WebQuest

Step #2 - Write your article

Follow the directions below to write your article in a Word document.  You have two options for how to write your article.

**The article must explain both the FACTS about the speech/proclamation you chose and the SIGNIFICANCE of the speech/proclamation**

1) Write the article as an eyewitness journalist who was there at the time of your chosen speech/proclamation.  Describe the event, the speech/proclamation, etc. as if you witnessed it first-hand.

2) Write the article as a journalist from 2009, explaining your chosen speech/proclamation to your readers (who may not know much about it or why it is important).

1. Headline:
The headline is the title of the article and expresses the main idea of the story using direct and dramatic action verbs and nouns.

2. Byline: Often listed after the title, the byline gives the name of the person writing the story and his or her title.

3. Lead: The lead is the first sentence in the article, and it gives the most important information to “hook” the reader’s attention.

4. Body: The body is the main part of the article, and it contains the five Ws.
  Who? What? Where? When? Why?

5. Write three or four important details about the story in addition to answering the 5 "W"s.

6. Include summary or final detail in the last paragraph.

7. The article must be factual and unbiased.

8. Use appropriate writing mechanics: spelling, grammar, voice (3rd person).



Step #3: Design a newspaper front page on Microsoft PowerPoint using the above front page image as a guide.  Make sure to inclue the following elements:

- Name of your newspaper

- Date the newspaper will be published

- Main headline

- Sub-headline (underneath the main headline, gives a little more detail)

- Image (search Google Image for photos)

- Byline ("By _______________ and _____________________ )

- Your article!

Print out the final version of your PowerPoint front page and bring it to class.