by Jenna Anker, University Of Maryland

The audience of this WebQuest is for Elementary students with learning Disabilities In a resource room setting. This Project is to help them Understand the Disability that they struggle with at a deeper level. It is also to show them the many successful people have learning disabilities.



In this Web Quest you will research Information on Learning disabilities and on famous people with learning disabilities. You will take this information and make a creative poster. This poster will be full of important information on learning disabilities. You will share your poster with the class and you will also share you poster with either a family member or good friend. Then you will fill out a reflection paper. After this experience you will share your reflection paper with classmates.

This Project will allow you to learn more about your own learning disability. It will also help you teach others about learning disabilities. This will Spread awareness about learning disabilities and increase people's understanding about learning disabilities.There is a lot of prejudice when people don't understand why others are different. It is your job to help others to understand that when a person  has a learning disability it does not make them less smart then other people that can read well. You can also show them all the smart famous people you researched that had learning disabilities.


Higher level Questions:

How do people cope with having a learning disabilities?

What can People with Learning disabilities do to learn how to read?

How does the information your learning about help you learn more about yourself?

How can I cope with my reading Problems?