by Amanda Winfield, Cambria-Rowe Business College

This WebQuest is designed for teachers to use as an independent study tool for students to learn the necessary tools when it comes to entrepreneurship and marketing. Feel free to use this tool for your own students. It outlines such items as Customer Profiles, Market Segmentation, Target Markets, The Marketing Mix, and Overhead Costs. Students then produce a portfolio with the above items for future personal use. Timing for this WebQuest ultimately depends on the speed and computer skills of your students. Please review the WebQuest and its requirements prior to use in your classroom. The purpose of this WebQuest is to teach students about some of the challenges that face entrepreneurs starting a new business including ways to identify a market, reach the market, and keep the market. The WebQuest follows many of the National Business Standards.


Individually and as a group, you will encounter some of the challenges that face entrepreneurs when they start a new business.  These challenges include ways to identify a market, reach the market, and keep the market.

The teacher will split the class into groups of three and each person will need to assume a role.

The handouts for this WebQuest include the following and can be found within the WebQuest:

Vocabulary Worksheet 10 points (individual)
Customer Profile 20 points (group)
Product Profile 20 points (group)
Checklist for Menu 44 points (group)
Flyer Checklist 36 points (group)
Final Presentation Checklist 50 points (individual)
Final Project Checklist 50 points (group)

Total = 230 Points

LETS GET DOWN TO BUSINESS:  Now that you have read and understood your responsibilities regarding this WebQuest, lets begin to outline the different tasks that you will be expected to complete.  Some tasks are to be completed as a group and other tasks are individually completed.  Make sure you read the directions before you begin each task.  After you complete the first task you may move on to the second task.  Do not advance further then the task that you are currently on.