by Christina Overmyer, Indiana Wesleyan University

For this WebQuest, the students are required to plan a family vacation to the country of New Zealand; with a $10,000 budget. The WebQuest was designed to use Life Skills; while incorporating Mathematics and Social Studies.


 New Zealand is best known for its diverse, and beautiful landscape.  Many television shows and movies have been filmed in New Zealand, because of its landscape. The landscape ranges from cold mountians, to warm sandy beaches. This variety makes New Zealand a unique, and tourist friendly country.

 If you had the chance to visit New Zealand what would you do?  Would you spend all your time on the beach, or would you be in the mountains hiking and skiing, or would you be spending time in nature and learning about the country?  Because of the diversity of New Zealand, there are many opportunities for tourists. You might want to try everything, but what could you afford to do everything?