Assignment #1

Step One: Choose the weather national disaster that you will become the expert on. Your choices are: tornadoes, winter storms, floods, and hurricanes.

Step Two: Go to this website, Weather Wiz Kids

Step Three: Click on the link on the left side of the screen that is about your chosen disaster. Do some research on what your disaster is, how it forms, and the potential danger that it causes.

Step Four: Write three paragraphs (4-6 sentences each) on your chosen disaster.

Step Five: Make sure your name is written on your paper and turn it in to your teacher.

You have now finished your first assignment. Continue on to the next process for your second assignment.



Assignment #2

No matter what disaster you are an expert on, barometric pressure is one factor that all of these weather disasters have in common. In the next assignment, you are going to build your own barometer so that you can record the barometric pressure in our area. Follow the steps below to build your own barometer using materials from around the house!

Step One: Go to the website, Build Your Own Barometer.

Step Two: Print out the page that gives the directions to build a barometer.

Step Three: Carefully follow each step and bring your finished barometer to school. Make sure it has your name on it! We will be using these barometers to track the barometric pressure over the next two weeks.

You have now completed the second assignment. You're almost ready for your TV interview! Go on to the final assignment to complete your training! 



Assignment #3

One of the most important parts of your TV interview will be telling your adoring fans some important safety tips on how to survive your chosen disaster.

Step One: You will need a single piece of poster board.

Step Two: Go to the website, Weather Safety, and choose the link to your chosen disaster.

Step Three: You will write or type two safety tips from the before, during, and after safety tips sections and record them on your poster board. The text should take up 3/4 of your poster board. (no microscopic writing please!)

Step Four: Go to one of the following websites based on your area of expertise.


Winter Storms



Print out at least three pictures to put on your poster board to illustrate the potential danger of your chosen disaster. Make sure your name is on it and turn it in to your teacher.