Each member of your group will pick one of the four fast food restaurants listed in the task section and research the nutritional aspects of their food. Using Microsoft Excel, create a spreadsheet listing the foods and their 1) serving size 2) calories and 3) total fat. Do NOT just copy and paste an existing chart!


The foods to list can include varieties of hamburgers, chicken options, other sandwiches, fries/other side items, salads, drinks and dessert options. Pick at least three from each category (for example hamburgers can come in singles, doubles, triples, with or without cheese, etc). Be specific with what condiments you use; they have an effect on nutrition too!



Calorie Counter; Fast Food Explorer 

A & W ⇒ Daily Plate; A & W Calculator

Arby's ⇒ Daily Plate; Arby's Nutrition Facts

Burger KingDaily Plate; Burger King Nutrition Facts

McDonald's ⇒ Daily Plate; McDonald's Nutrition Facts


After creating your spreadsheet, go to My Pyramid and explore the website. Using Microsoft Word, type your answers to the following questions:  What are some healthy eating tips given on the site? How well do you think you can follow the dietary guidelines while eating out?  Be specific in your answers.

As a group, answer these questions:

  1. Does each restaurant provide easy access to nutritional information?
  2. Are there any "healthy" items mentioned on the menu?   
  3. If so, after looking at the nutrition information, do their options seem healthy compared to similar items from the other three restaurants? 

Not only do your teams' coaches expect for you to eat healthy during the summer, they also expect you to be working out and participating in some form of physical activity at least once every day in order to maintain the physical fitness level you worked so hard to obtain during the season. 


Check out the website for the Mall of America to find out approximately how many miles you will walk during your shopping trip (hint: figure out how many feet the parameter of each floor is, and then look at how many floors there are). Hint: look under the "Media" tab and check out "MOA facts."  To find the number of floors, check out the MOA map.