To Begin Choose A Famous Missourian

Pick one of these famous Missourians, look at their biography and fill out this sheet  (print it before you start). Can you think of other famous Missourians? If so, write their names at the bottom of your sheet.


Thomas Hart Benton

Click here to see some more of Thomas Hart Benton's paintings. 

 Mark Twain

 Click here to see some pictures from the Mark Twain Museum. 

Use this timeline of important events in Mark Twain's life for help. You do not need to read the whole thing, just look at it to help you out. 

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Pictures of Laura Ingalls Wilder

Go here then click "view a letter from Laura" to read a letter written by Laura Ingalls Wilder. You can also hear her read the letter. 


George Washington Carver

Click here to get a virtual tour of the George Washington Carver National Monument. 

 Creating Your Museum Exhibit

Now that you know all about your famous Missourian, it is time to make a museum exhibit about their life. 


Let's start by gathering some artifacts:

Use the information from your biography sheet to help you decide which artifacts you want to use. 

First, print this map of Missouri and put a star on the map to show the town that your famous person lived in. Put the name of the town next to the star. If they were born in one town in Missouri, but grew up in another, you can mark both. 

Think about some important items from their life you would want to put in the exhibit. Draw pictures of these items to put in your exhibit. 

Include a picture of the person. You can print one off, or draw one yourself. 

Now think about what you want to say in your exhibit:

Use your biography worksheet to write a paragraph telling about your famous Missourian when they were young. Include when your famous Missourian  was born, where they were born, and when they died. Also write down something from their childhood you thought was neat.

 Next write a paragraph telling what they did that made them famous, how they changed history, and anything else you thought was interesting. 

Make sure you write a rough copy first. You want your final copy to be in your best handwriting and have no mistakes.

Put it all together:

 Now that you have all of your artifacts for your museum exhibit, it is time to put the exhibit together. Glue all of your artifacts onto a poster board. Be sure to include a title for your exhibit. Use markers, crayons, and construction paper to make your exhibit colorful and fun. 



Design a Missouri Monument

Now your teacher will put you in groups. Tell your team members about your famous Missourian, and learn about their famous Missourian. Be sure to take notes using this sheet

Together, come up with a monument to remember your famous Missourians. Make sure that you include all four Missourians in your monument. Here are a few monuments of Famous Missourians held in the Missouri Hall of Fame:

George Washington Carver 

Laura Ingalls Wilder 

Thomas Hart Benton 

Here is a monument to Mark Twain, in the form of a lighthouse. As you can see, monuments do not have to be statutes. Be creative with your monument design.

As a group, draw a picture of your monument and write one paragraph explaining why you chose this design. Be sure to include in your monument all four famous people, and explain in your paragraph how your monument remembers George Washington Carver, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Thomas Hart Benton and Mark Twain. 

Your monument design will be hung up in the classroom next to your museum exhibit. All of the people in your groups will have their museum exhibits hanging next to each other, to create a mini museum in the classroom.