by Stephanie Cavileer, Egg Harbor Township
Karen Rivera, School #8, Linden NJ
Julia Singleton, NJCU

Our "History of the Olympics" webquest will allow students to explore two different time periods and compare a singular event, "The Olympics". They will be able to visit Ancient Greece and roam through the ruins to discover what "The Olympics" must have been like back then. Then, they will time travel to present day, "Olympics" and compare the similarities and differences of these two worlds and one exciting world event. They will be able to role play their discoveries in a play for the class. The student will also indicate which Olympics he/she would prefer to compete in as an athlete.


  Representing your country as an Olympic athlete is a great honor.  Olympic athletes are filled with pride, ambition, and drive.  They face many difficult challenges, and make many sacrifices along the way.  However, they give everything they have to be part of such an extraordinary experience.  The Olympic games represent a long standing tradition, and is the most widely recognized international sporting event in history.  How and where did this phenomenon begin?  What would it feel like to actually take part in the Olympic games?

   This webquest was designed for students in upper elementary grades.  Students will research Ancient Greece and the history of the Olympic games.  Students will then compare and contrast the Olympic games of Ancient Greece to the present-day Olympic games, focusing on the experience of the athletes.