Consider yourself as an athletic time traveler! Experience the wonder of returning to Ancient Greece to discover the original Olympics.




Travel Back in Time to Ancient Greece

Task 1--Daily Life Journal

   You will be able to write in your precious journal that you carry everywhere, what "Daily Life" was like in Ancient Greece.  Write about the food, the people and the weather.  You may want to include what people were focused on during this time period.  Remember to use your senses and be descriptive of your surroundings. 

You may use the following links below to discover your new surroundings.  There are more links at the bottom of this page.

Daily Life in Ancient Greece



 Task 2--Festivals and Games Scavenger Hunt

   You will be able to collaborate with your group to answer the following questions:

1.  Where were the Ancient Greek Olympics held?

2.  Why did they create the original "Olympics"?

3.  How long did the original "Olympics" last?

4.  How many "Sporting Events" took place during these games?

5.  List the "Sporting Events":

6.  What "Sporting Events" would be considered the same today?

7.  What does the word "pentathlon" mean?

8.  What would the "Athletes" receive for winning?

9.  What does "sacrifice" mean?

10.  What did they "sacrifice" and to whom and why?

11.  What "Sporting Event" was new to you? Would you like to participate in it? Why or Why not? (Each group member must answer.)

12.  What else stood out for you about the "Ancient Greek Olympics" and why? 

13.  Who was allowed to participate in the Olympics?

 Festivals & Games in Ancient Greece

Ancient Olympic Facts

Ancient Olympic History

Ancient Greek Olympics

Olympics Through Time 




 Welcome Back from your Travels! Now you will discover current day Olympics as an athlete.  Remember to keep an open-mind as you explore this global event. 

Travel to the "Present-Day" Olympics:

Task 3: Daily Life Journal

   Now that you are back in your time period, write about what you see around you on a daily basis.  Again, write about the food, the people and the weather where you live.  You may want to include what people are focused on currently.  Remember to use all of your senses when describing current "Daily Life".  You may use the links at the bottom of this page to help you.




Task 4: The "Present-Day" Olympic Games Scavenger Hunt

You will be able to collaborate with your group members on this scavenger hunt.

1.  How many Olympics are held today?

2.  When are they held?

3.  How many countries participate?

4.  Who is able to participate in the Olympics? 

5.  How long do the Olympics last?

6.  How many events are in the "Summer Olympics"? 

7.  List the events in the "Summer Olympics".

8.  How many events sound like the Ancient Greek Olympics?

9.  What do the winners receive if they win?

10.  What event most interests you? Why? (Each member should answer.)

11.  Draw a Venn Diagram and compare "Ancient Olympics vs Modern Olympics".

12.  Describe and document what you discovered creating the Venn Diagram. 

Olympic Facts

Present Day Olympics




Task 5: Ancient Olympic Athletes Meet Modern Day Athletes Skit 

Write a script about two "Ancient Olympic Athletes" meet two "Modern-day Olympic Athletes".  Have fun and be creative with this section.  After you have written your script, practice and prepare it for the class.  Questions to consider when you are planning:

1.  How would they greet one another?

2.  What questions might they have for each other?

3.  What might be most interesting for them to share or know about each other?

4.  Would they be able to understand each other's points of view?

5.  How would the meeting conclude?