This webquest will allow you and your teammates to experience the Olympics in dynamic and exciting ways!  Your focus will be on the Olympic experience through the eyes of the athletes.  Not only will you be learning about the Olympics, but you will also "time travel" back to the birth of the Olympics during Ancient Greek times.   You will experience the games as an athlete during that time period.  Then you will travel back to "present day" Olympics to understand them as an athlete.  You will be asked to work on a number of tasks on this quest, that will give you the information you need to complete your journey successfully.   Do not worry, on-line resource links have been provided for your use!

   One of the main activities will be the web-scavenger-hunt! You and your team will be able to search and gather information on the Olympic games-- during Ancient Greek times and the present day.  Your final group task will be to role play your experiences as "Ancient Greek" athletes and "Modern Day" athletes in a mini-skit for the class.  Please keep an open-mind and consider the time periods when developing your roles.  Be creative and have fun!