Part 1:

Begin by researching Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic cells. For each type of cell include the various organelles (structures) within each cell. Be sure you understand the different types. Note their similarities and differences (Hint! You should find several!). You will turn in your research when you've completed it, so be sure it is organized and cited.

To begin your research, use the links provided below. These are good places to find information about either types of cells; you may also use your textbook.


Interactive Eukaryotic Cell 

UofA Biology: Prokaryote and Eukaryote Cells 

Prokaryotic Cell Structure 




Part 2:

Now that you have found the sufficient information and have completed your research, use that data to create a Concept Map. A Concept Map is a way to organize your research, and is a very useful study tool. Then it should use various methods (arrows, lines, color-coding, etc) to show either connections/similarities or differences between cell types. Below is a link to help you better understand what a Concept Map should look like.

Concept Map Explanation