This is how your work will be evaluated.

Please remember that this is a GROUP PROJECT. Each individual MUST help out in creating and finishing your project. NOT ONLY WILL EACH GROUP BE GRADING AS A WHOLE, OR ALL AS ONE, BUT IF ONE OF YOU FAIL TO HELP OUT WITH THE PROJECT, THAN IT WILL NOT  ONLY AFFECT YOUR GRADE, BUT IT WILL ALSO AFFECT THE GRADE OF YOUR PEERS. Everyone please help out in the creating of the project!


 Introduction Poor Introduction. Either no color and no pictures. Average Introduction with little color and pictures.
Meets the required information for the Introduction Exceeds the Introduction required.  
Task Poor Task. Doesn't clearly stated what needs to be done. Average stated Task. Tells what should be done but in little or no detail.
Meets the required information regarding the Task
Exceeds the given Task and is easily understood by the other students.

Doesn't follow the layout of the project at all. On average, stay's on track with the project. May slightly veer off. Meets the required layout for the entire project. Exceeds the Process of the project. Provides multiple websites  from the Internet.
Conclusion  Poorly summarizes the experience. Doesn't give any reflection about the process. Little or no questions that students could research at another time. On average, summarizes the experience but with little or no affect to the other students. Slight reflection on the process. One or two questions that Students can later research. Meets the required conclusion. Gives three or four questions for students to research and sums up the reflection of the process. Exceeds the Conclusion of the project. Gives numerous questions for students to research at a later time.