Here, your will be required to give a step by step description of how you and your peers answered the following goals from the task.

Goal number one:

Your group's task is to identify where Brian may or may not be. Look for clues within the text. Key words or phrases. His he close to water? His he closer to the woods? His he high in elevation or lower in elevation?

Goal number two:

You must identify items that Brian will need in order to survive. What can Brian use out of the plane? Fabric on the seats? The seats themselves? Does he need dry wood to create a fire and keep it going? Where should he stay? Should he stay inside the plane or try to make it back to civilization? If you choose for him to go and find help, instead of help finding him, what items will he need in order to survive. Clothes, water, food, tools, etc.

Goal number three:

What are Brian's natural surroundings? What type of plants and animals are typically found in the Canadian wilderness? Are there plants that he might be able to eat? If not, which ones are poisonous? Are there any animals that Brian may be able to hunt for food? If so, what animals are they. If there are animals that he may not be able to track and hunt, due to limited tools and weapons, please identify them as well.

Goal number four:

After your group as created your survival list for Brian, it is now time to create a survival guide and a PowerPoint. Your survival guide must be created via poster and must have numerous pictures and information. But remember, you must add your survival guide to your PowerPoint project as well. 

Your PowerPoint must present how you completed goals one through four in great detail. Remember, as a group, think to yourself 'how did we do this?" and simply say what you did. Don't forget to add images to each slide of your PowerPoint and use a variety of colors in order to achieve the best grade possible.


This section is for the development of goal number five. Remember that your group is required to one of the two options stated for goal number five. If your choose to create the poster you may work together as a group. If you choose to write the hand written single paragraph paper, you must do this alone. This means that each individual of the group must submit their own work.

I would like the poster to have a variety of pictures that relate to either the story or the author. You are allowed to do both. This means that you can have pictures that relate to the story and the author. Along with the pictures, I would like you to incorporate any and all information that you learned from doing this project. I do not want general information about the story. I want to know what you learned from your experience. Did you like doing your WebQuest? Do you believe it was informative to your and your peers?

Note: the poster does not have to be a certain size or have a set number of pictures and information. This is to be a quick and easy ending assignment that is meant to be fun for everyone. Obviously, the more you work you do for goal number five, the better your overall grade will be.