The goal of the WebQuest is to create a survival guide that will help Brian stay alive until help arrives. You will work within a group that I have selected. Your group will be required to present your work to the class. In order to do this, your group must complete these 5 tasks or goals, in order to receive the highest grade possible:


1. You must locate any and all general information that will help your fellow students find Brian's general location.

2. You must identify items that Brian will need in order to survive.

3. Identify Brian's surroundings. Identify some plants, animals, as well as the weather for the habitat.

4. After you have identified the natural surroundings and came up with a list of survival items, your group must create a survival guide and present it to your classmates using PowerPoint.

On top of the four goals you are required to do number five. You may choose one of the two projects from number five.

5. You will also be required to hand either a group poster or a one paragraph assignment based on what you learned. The poster can be done as a group but the paper must be done by each individual. The poster will range from three to five photographs with three to five facts about either the book or the author.