Your first task is to review some background material that will help you make some curatorial decisions about what should be in your museum.  The first is below,  as it is a video clip it  may be best to view it together as a class, you will be assigned curator groups later.

Prehistoric Denver video clip featuring Dr. Holen

So these are the creatures that you will be creating your museum about, don't forget the other species of mammoths and the modern elephants.  Following the next link will give you a nice broad bit of information to be sure that you all know just what sorts of creatures you are dealing with.

General Proboscidea Information 

General Resource #2

General Resource #3

General Resource #4

General Resource #5

Now that you have a good general idea about what mammoths and their relatives are, it's time to get down to the hard work of museum curating.  Your teacher will put you into groups and you will become an expert on one area that must be represented in your digital museum.  You will do the research and record your findings.  Each expert will report their findings to the group  and then you must all decide together what information belongs in your digital museum.  The expert titles are:

  1. Curator of Probiscidea Family Trees and extinct Probiscidea
  2. Curator of Geologic Time
  3. Curator of Human and Proboscidea Interaction
  4. Curator of Proboscidea Habitat
  5. Curator of  Modern Probiscidea

Remember, the pieces of information that you collect are the exhibits in your museum.  Your exhibits can be composed of images, videos, sounds and words.  You are limited only by your internet search skills, your imagination and that everything you add to your exhibits must be chosen to answer the questions that everyday folks have about these amazing creatures.

Curator of Probiscidea Family Trees and extinct Probiscidea these resources are for you:

Family Tree 1

Family Tree 2

Family Tree 3

Family Tree 4

Family Tree 5


Curator of Geologic Time these resources are for you

Humans 1 (** Requires Adobe Flashplayer)

Timeline 2


Curator of Human and Proboscidea Interaction these resources are for you

Humans 1

Humans 2 

Curator of Proboscidea Habitat these resources are for you

Habitat 1

Habitat 2 

Habitat 3

Habitat 4 


Curator of  Modern Probiscidea these resources are for you

Modern 1

Modern 2 

Modern 3 

Modern 4 

Modern 5




As a curatorial team, you have worked together to gather information.  Now you must display it throughout your Digital Mammoth and Mastodon Museum. You will then present your museum to the class in PowerPoint form.

1. Sit down with your group and discuss the basics of your museum. Talk about what you would like to go in each room and how you are going to present the information/artifacts. Do not forget to include the following from the original Task Assignment page:

2. Bring together all of your research, ask your teacher for specifics concerning other web pages. All sources must be cited. Compile your information into categories based on your proposed museum design.

3. Meet again with your group to categorize all of the research found. Make sure all of your group members have cited their sources. Determine what information is important and how it will best be presented to people who are visiting your digital museum.

4. In PowerPoint, draw up a design of your museum and label each room. Create a clear and efficient PowerPoint that is designed to be like walking through your museum. Include a museum name as well as pictures and information of what will be included in each room. Underneath each PowerPoint in the notes section, describe what information you hope the audience will get from each slide/room. (see grading rubric for details)

5. Present PowerPoint to class.

7. Submit 2-3 paragraphs describing each person's participation on the project. Include a review of your own participation. Be honest. Turn in when you give your presentation to the class.