by Kuang Yang, GMU

This webquest is about gathering information about the life, characteristics, and contributions of Abraham Lincoln. Based on the information, the group of scientists should decide whether or not to clone a new Lincoln. The crew on the quest will present their findings and decision in class in group, and write a brief report individually. The evaluation will base on the presentation and the written report.



Dear interns, greetings.

Welcome to the Human Reconstruction Program. As you may have already been aware of, the goal of this program is to rebuild the golden age. In order to do that, we must find qualified human being in our history who has the potentials to contribute to our society. Thanks for the technology, we now have the ability to clone those who have passed away.

As interns, you will be assigned a target historical figure who is considered to be having the potentials that we need. You job is to gather information about him/her, analyze it, and make the judgment that whether we should clone him/her or not. your findings and decision shall be presented to the committee in group, and each of you will write a individual report about your research as well.

Your work will be evaluated by the committee, and your final admission to the program is decided by you grades. For further information about your job, please check the Task section.