This is a webquest to help you learn about the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights. As citizens of the United States, it is our responsibility to be educated and informed to keep our country strong.  Complete the Constitution Webquest Packet as you journey on your quest.

   You DO NOT have to complete this quest in order!!  Start wherever you want, as long as you finish the entire quest on the way!  Every RED word or term is a link to a website!!!

NOTE:  There are many games, songs, and video clips in this webquest - you will need access to head phones at all times!  Do not disturb your neighbors

 Before you begin, take a look at the original Constitution!

Constitutional Principles

The Constitution is based on Fundamental Principles or ideas.  It is important that you understand the meaning of each principle.

Popular Sovereignty is: 

Limited Government is:

Separation (Balance) of Powers is:

Checks and Balances is:

Republicanism is:

Federalism is:




The Preamble

Read about the PREAMBLE below:


1.  What is the purpose of the Preamble?

Listen to the  Preamble Song    (Be sure you have ear phones on before you do this!!)

2.  You must memorize the preamble.  Use the song to help you!  Let the teacher know when you are ready to recite/sing the preamble.


The Articles

Learn about the Articles of the Constitution below:

ARTICLE I sets up the __________________ Branch.


 Section 1:  The most important job of Congress is to ___________ ________________.

1.  Check out this web site to learn about the process of CONGRESS' Most important job!

List the main steps of this important job!



House of Representatives:

1.  The term of service for a Representative is_______________________.

2.  A Representative must be at least _____________ years old.

3.  A citizen of the _______________ for at least _________.

4.  Our Representative for Broome County (22nd District) is:_____________________________________

5.  Click on our Representative's name.  Next, click on "Legislation" or "ISSUES" Identify two issues that our Representative is currently working on. 



6.  There are ____________ total Representatives in the United States.

7.  The number of Representatives is decided by ____________________________________.  The current number of Representatives in New York State is ______.

Try your hand at being a Representative before moving on! Use your headphones but don't register or log in!




1.  The term of service for a Senator  is____________________.

2.  A Senator must be at least _________ years old and a citizen of the U.S. for at least __________ years.

3.  Our New York State Senators are:

4.  Choose one Senator from New York State. Click on their name and browse their website.  Click on "Issues" and identify two issues that this Senator is involved in currently.




 5.  There are TWO Senators from each state.  There are __________ total Senators in the United States.




ARTICLE II sets up the _______________________ Branch.

1.  What are the requirements for a person to run for President?

2.  List the jobs and duties of the President?

3.  What are the next three POSITIONS in line if the President cannot serve out his/her term?

4.   The Electoral College elects the President.  Read this information about the Electoral College  List four facts that help you understand how the Electoral College works:

5.  List the Departments in the President's Cabinet:

6.  Click on any three Departments.  Write three facts about each department's role in the Executive Branch.





Article III sets up the _________________ Branch.

1.  The judicial power of the United States is given to (vested in) one  ___________________Court and ________________ (lower) courts that Congress has established.

2. The __________________________ appoints Supreme Court Justices, but ___________________________ must approve all choices.

3.  A Supreme Court Justice 's term is  for _____________.

4.  There are _______Justices

5.  List the current (not retired) members of the Supreme Court

6.  Choose two current members.  Write down three facts about each member's career (NOT PERSONAL FACTS).

Try your hand in a Supreme Court Case game! Remember - you don't need to log in or register to play the game.


 Watch this presentation about the Three Branches  

Play this "Separation of Powers" game to see if you understand the importance of the three branches of government!! - Do not register or log in!






 Article IV talks about the _____________________.  It discusses the _____________ and_________________of the ________________.


Article V Describes how to ___________ the Constitution.

There are two ways the U.S. Constitution can be  AMENDED:

1.  To propose an amendment:



2.  To ratify an amendment:



 Today there are ___________________________ Amendments to the U.S. Constitution


Article VI States that all laws and treaties of the _____________ government, are SUPREME.

Article VII  States that _________ out of the thirteen original states had to _________________ or approve the Constitution for it to go into effect.



is the first _________________________

to the U.S. Constitution.


Amendment 1.  Congress must protect the rights of  freedom of _______________, freedom of the ___________________, freedom of  _________________, freedom of  ____________, and freedom of _________________.

Amendment 2.  "A well-regulated ______________, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear ____________shall not be infringed."  -People have the right to have __________________.

Amendment 3.  The government cannot send______________ to live in ________________ homes without the ____________________ of the owners.

Amendment 4.  The government cannot get a ______________ to _______________ a person or search their property unless there is "__________________  ________________" to believe a ______________ has been committed.

Amendment 5.  The government cannot put a person on _____________ for a crime until a ______________  _______________ has written an indictment.  A person cannot be put on trial ______________ for the ______________ crime.  The government must follow ___________ _____________ of law before punishing a person or taking their _____________________.  A person on trial for a crime does not have to ________________ _______________ _____________________ in court.

Amendment 6.  The person who is accused of a crime should get a ______________ _____________ by _____________.  That person can have a ____________ during the trial.  They must be told what they are _____________________ with.  The person can question the ________________ against them, and can get their own _________________ to testify.

Amendment 7.  A ____________ trial is needed for _____________ cases.

Amendment 8.  The government cannot require excessive ______________ or _____________, or any _______________and ________________punishment.

Amendment 9.  The listing of ____________________ __________________ in the Constitution and ____________ of ______________ does not include all of the rights of the _______________ and the __________________ (for example, _____________).

Amendment 10.  Any ______________ that the Constitution does not give to the United States belong to the ________________ and the ________________.  This does not include powers that the __________________ says the states _________________ have.

Try this "Do I have a Right?" game -But, DO NOT create an account!

Another Great Game about the Bill of Rights!

When you are all finished - try your hand at this CONSTITUTION QUIZ!