Use the links found under Educational Resources to answer the questions found in the Information Worksheets – to be handed out by your teacher.

Once the Information Sheets are completed, you are ready to begin creating your publication.  You must understand what makes your colony stand out from all the others.  You must use your research to convince those 500 new Colonists to move to your colony.  Remember, you are creating this publication during the early 1700's.  Your information MUST be from this time period and historically accurate.  After completing your research, you must access Microsoft Publisher to choose what type of publication to present your material to the new colonists.  You may choose from a newsletter, pamphlet or brochure. Your publication must include the following:

*       1.  Map of your colony as it was during the early 1700's

*       2.  Major towns or communities

*       3.  Geographic features

*       4.  Climate and agricultural information

*       5.  Economic development or how they made their money

*       6.  Why and who originally founded the colony

*       7.  Two reasons your colony is better than the others

*       8.  At least three pictures but no more than five - Remember pictures must be historically accurate



Please continue to refer to the list above to ensure that you include EVERYTHING needed in your publication.



Educational Resources


General Information


13 Colonies

Colonial Info 

Colonial Map

Religion and Church in the Colonies

Trade in the Colonies







Slavery I 

Slavery II

Slavery III

New England Colonies

New England Colonies

New England Colonies II

New England Colonies III

New England Colonies IV

New Hampshire Almanac

New Hamphire

New Hampshire III

Rhode Island

Rhode Island II

Rhode Island III

Conn. II

Hartford, Conn. Founders

More Conn.



Massachusetts II


Middle Colonies


 Middle Colonies

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Middle Colonies III

Middle Colonies IV

Middle Colonies V



Penn. II

Phila. II

New York

New York II



Delaware II

New Jersey

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Southern Colonies

Southern Colonies

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Southern Colonies IV


Maryland II

Maryland III

North Carolina

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Bath, NC

South Carolina

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Georgia II


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Colonial Williamsburg