by Kristen Cipolla, Millburn School District

You all work for NASA and you and your crew are going to take a trip to space. On your voyage, you and your other crew members will discover a planet. You will all have to explore that planet and try to persuade your other third grade classmates to want to travel there with you.


Have you ever wanted to travel away to a far away place and discover a new world!? You all work for NASA and for the past five years you and your crew members have been studying the Solar System. You all traveled there many times, but recently you and your crew members traveled really far, past the Kuiper Belt, and discovered a new world on a new planet. You and your fellow crew members go on an expedition to this new world to find out as much information about this new planet as possible. During your voyage you discover there is life on it and many other thrilling things about it that makes this new world a better place to live. Now it's up to you and your team to convince the rest of the world to visit and possibly move to another planet.