Step One

  1. Go here and chose a monologue.  Your selection needs to be gender appropriate, and less than two minutes in length.  
  2. Read the text out loud at a moderate pace to get an approximate time for your piece. 
  3. Bring the final selection to your instructor to ensure no two students are working on the same piece.

Step Two

  1. Use the following links to translate your monologue into contemporary English. The following links can  help you translate your piece, but remember some of the information is other people's work and can not be copied. Think about how you would put this monologue into your own words.  These links are provided to give you a better understanding of your monologue, you are not to copy these for your performance.
Step Three
  1. Provide a handwritten copy of your translation to the instructor.
  2. The teacher will provide feedback on your work.
  3. Type the final copy in 12 pt font and double space.
Step Four
  1. Begin the memorization and characterization of your monologue.  You will have three classes to work on your monologue.
  2. During your rehearsal time, the teacher will come around for personal conferences on your monologue.
  3. On the third day you need to chose a partner.  Your partner will be responsible for prompting you during your performance if needed.
  4. Run through your monologue several times with your partner so they become familiar with your work.
Step Five
  1. On the day of performance, we will draw names for performance order.
  2. You will perform your work for the class.  Your partner will be available for prompts during your scene if needed.