1. The cane toad is only one introduced species, there are many others.  The Bilby is an endangered Australian animal, and is also impacted by introduced species. Follow the link below and play the game to see if you can help your Bilby survive the night. 

Bilby Survival Game  

Complete the attached plus, minus, interesting chart to show what you have learnt from this game.

To save your completed chart, Click on SAVE AS and rename the file with your name,

For example   SamPMIChart

Create a folder called Introduced Species and save the file in that folder.






You have now seen  the Cane Toad video and played the Bilby game, and should have a pretty good idea of what an introduced species can do to our beautiful Australian Wildlife and unique habitats.

Using the websites provided, find out some information about one specific introduced species.

You can select ONE  from:

You need to be able to:

 You will need to take notes of the information you find. This can be done in your Brain Books.

These are the websites you can use:

Introduced species in Tasmania

Pest Animals

Feral Animals


Invasive Species (including diesease)



3. Now that you have collected all your information, you are ready to create your photo story to educate the community.

Information campaigns like this use persuasive speech to get their message across. We will practice this in class by looking at some special features of persuasive writing, and writing some short pieces of our own.

To complete your Photo Story, you will need to :

  1. Collect appropriate images (photos, clip art)  - remember not to use photos from the internet that are protected by copyright. We will learn how to find suitable photos in class.
  2. Write a rough draft, then record the words you will use to convey your message.
  3. Include your bibliography on the last frame.
  4. Complete the PhotoStory using all suitable features of the program.


Your completed PhotoStory will be presented to the class, and may be selected for publication on our class blog!