You are a member of the 'New Australia Day' committee.  The committee has been established to investigate if Australia Day adequately represents the people of Australia in 2010. 

TASK:  In your groups of three you will each choose a role, you must set out to establish the relevance of the current Australia Day from the perspective of that person.  You must use the information in the links provided and make a decision to support the current day of celebration or make a suggestion for a new Australia Day.

  1. Using the web program Audacity you will record a two minute speech that will represent your stance on Australia Day.  Your speech must give a reason for your decision, you may refer to documentation to support your argument.  
  2. On the 'Process' page you will see a link and code for the program Persuade Star, this program is designed to help you write a persuasive speech, this is where you will write your speech.  
  3. When you have written your speech you are to cut and paste the text into the program Tagxedo, this program allows you to create word clouds, you may use a variety of shapes and colours, so be creative! You will see an example I have made at the bottom of the page, the cloud was created using the text from Kevin Rudd's Sorry Speech.  
  4. You will also see a link to the program Big Huge Labs, you must use this program to produce a billboard, that, if you are successful in your argument, will be used to promote the new Australia Day or encourage support for the current day.
  5. Meet back with your group when you have all completed your tasks.  Share your work with the group and listen to the other peoples speech. Discuss with your group the reason for your decision and how you reached your conclusion.  
  6. Create a folder with your name as the title, in this folder save your audacity file, billboard and word cloud.  Your written speech will be saved automatically in the on-line program. When you have completed the tasks email me your folder.
Journalist (investigate what the people want)

Commonwealth representative (campaign to keep the current day) 

Indigenous elder (research culturally significant days and historical events)


 Created by Shelley Hill using Big Huge Labs 


Created by Shelley Hill using Tagxedo