by Robert Najera, Soar Charter Academy

The scientific method is a valuable tool that can be used in any field of science. This unit is an addendum to my introductory unit about the different fields of science. I use this unit in the middle to end of October, as a tie in to Halloween and all things scary. Duration: one week.






Supernatural science is fast becoming a popular field with television shows such as "Ghost Hunters", "Beyond Belief: Facts or Fiction," "Hauntings," Animal Planet's: Lost Tapes and "Paranormal State." These shows all demonstrate a scientific approach to a supernatural theme making them appear real. They are sometimes scary, and sometimes merely historical legends that have changed over time to include supernatural factors or hoaxes. These often use scientific research, technology and field tests to prove or disprove legends, theories and superstition. These are not common everyday subjects, but are they still science?