Love Canal, NY

Step 1:

Watch these videos to introduce to you what the different types of pollution look like and how they might affect the environment.  Maybe you will discover one in particular that really affects you.

Air Pollution Video

Love Canal Part 1

Love Canal Part 2

Water Pollution Video

Step 2:

Research the various types of pollution (air, water, and toxins) using a variety of sources including the Internet, magazines, books. Feel free to email an expert if you have a question.  Please check with me for approval of your expert.   I have included a search engine for you to use in your search.

Ask Jeeves for Kids

Step 3:

Using, determine what the major types and causes of pollution in our area.


Donora Pa

Donora, PA Air Pollution Disaster

You will need to determine types of pollution, main pollutants, major offenders, and if their are any environmental injustices associated with pollution.

Step 4:

Using, choose another city in the United States to compare and contrast to our local area.  Include demographic information about the two cities in your comparison on pollution levels.  A good comparison would be a city similar in demographics to Pittsburgh.

Pensacola Beach, FL

Step 5:

Now that you have done your research, your team of environmental scientists must choose an offending polluter that you would like to help.  Keep in mind the offender may not always be a corporation.  It could be the government or the public.  You must be knowledgeable about the problem the pollution poses to your environment.  Since this is a proposal letter and not a complaint, you will need to offer up solutions.  Please research possible ways to remedy the pollution problem.  Base your research on known ways that have been successful.  Be sure to include examples of locations where this type of solution has worked.  I have included some links to different methods that are used to clean up pollution.  You may also need to research your own.

Natural Resource Defense Council

Water Encyclopedia

Scientific American

Know Zone

Wikipedia-Oil Spill

PA Department of Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection Agency

Pollution Issues

Step 6:

Now it is time for you to present your knowledge to the Board of Directors for Cosmaniac Industries (the class!).  Compile the information that you have discovered into an organized presentation.  You may choose a PowerPoint presentation or create a video.   Make sure your content is thorough and accurate.  Be creative!  Refer to the task tab and the rubric to make sure you have included all the necessary elements.