by Dara Aydlett, Creative Minds Academy

(FOR TEACHERS) The purpose of this WEBQUEST is to encouarge students to explore cause and effect relationship of historic achievements. Students will research the effects of the achievments of 10 prominent Nobel Peace Prize winners and how those achievements contributed our global society. The quest consists of a partner activity in which the students are assigned a Nobel Peace Prize winner to research and create a testimonial speech that advocates for their person to win the class's Impact for Peace Prize. Several sets of partners meet and evaluate the achievments of the researched Peace Prize winners and vote on who they believe should win the Impact for Peace Prize.


Are you someone who wants to make a positive difference in this world?  Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a great leader? Do you want to work toward creating true peace on Earth? 

In this webquest, you are about to embark on a journey where you will analyze the accomplishments of 10 Nobel Peace Prize winners and advocate for the person who you think has had the greatest  impact on the world.  You will research, analyze their lives and work and present to the class why your person is most deserving of our very own Impact for Peace Prize.  Your goal is to persuade the class to award your person the prizeAt the conclusion of our lesson the class will vote on who they think is the should be the winner.