Step 1

In a small group read the sections What is programming?, and What's actually involved in programming? from the document found at the following link:

Introduction to Programming
As a group answer the following questions:
  1. What is a programming language?
  2. Why do we need programmers?
  3. Why is a computer like a dog?

Step 2

Now you should have a basic understanding of what a programming language is, but the best way to get started in programming is to           DIG IN!                                              

First, watch this tutorial to see how a guessing game is created in Alice:
Then,  open the links to view the code for guessing game scripts written in two programming languages we've used in class.  Compare and contrast all three languages:

Step 3

Now look at the following example of computer speak.  Can you translate the following code into a sentence that a HUMAN can understand?

 (Hint: This line of code would be called a loop)

WHILE($grapes > 1 ){
$grapes = $grapes - 1;


Scroll down to see the answer BUT DON'T PEEK!

I eat grapes until there are no more grapes. 

How did you do?  Did you get the right translation?  Now that you've had some practice, open the following link to view code for a game called Dragon Realm.  Translate the script to figure out how to play. Then write directions for the game on your worksheet.

Script for Dragon Realm

Step 4 

Create a simple application or game with at least TWO of the following lines of code:

*Hint*  If you need help, try searching for Alice 3 tutorials.