Imagine that you are living during the Great Depression and that your classmates have decided to put together a time capsule for students of the future to use to learn and understand what life was like during the Great Depression.


What is a time capsule?

Time Capsule - noun

 a receptacle containing documents or objects typical of the current period, placed in the earth or in a cornerstone for discovery in the future


Source: Dictionary.com


 A time capsule is representative of many aspects of a time period and not just representative of just one or two interesting or peculiar aspects of the time. A well-stocked time capsule should include items and artifacts that represent:

Daily life - what people did, work, family life, eating, clothing, prices of common items, what students were learning in school, marriage/divorce rates, etc.

News events - big headlines from the time - political, social, and economic

Music and Entertainment - popular music from the time, lyrics, recordings, popular film from the time, film clips, radio, theatre, sports, what people did for fun

Art and Literature - examples that represent the time period


Your time capsule should contain various artifacts that represent cultural and historical documents of the day.  A person looking at your time capsule of the Great Depression should feel that he/she has a much better understanding of that period of time.

Here are more ideas adapted from: http://www.heritagetimecapsules.com/

What Can You Put InTime Capsules?

Audio Tapes

Football Jersey
Legal Documents
Phone Book
Radio Guide

Letterhead & Business Cards
Magazines & Catalogs

Movie Reviews
Favorite Hat
Stamps & Coins
IQ Test
Ticket Stubs

Automobile Sales Brochures
Bank Statement & Checks
Sports Statistics & Box Scores
Bible & Prayer Book
List of Corporate Executives
Members, Parishioners, Students
Mayor's State of the City Address
Invitations to Past & Current Events
Newspaper Articles
Popular Toys

Be sure to refer to the Evaluation/Rubric as necessary for more specific criteria for your time capsule.

Your team's Task for this project has two parts:

  1) Select 14 items/artifacts you want to put into your Time Capsule.  You will prepare a Google Doc PRESENTATION that includes these 14 items/artifacts as slides.  Your PRESENTATION should last 5-7 minutes.

 2) Create an Artifact Inventory List that contains all the artifacts and documents included in your Time Capsule. Each entry must provide a description as well as an explanation as to how each artifact and document illustrates an aspect of life during the Great Depression.  Refer to Evaluation/Rubric for more specific criteria.