by Nancyruth Leibold, EdD, RN, PHN, School of Nursing

This Nursing WebQuest explores the concept of caring related to family nursing. How do nurses care for families? What are cultural implications of caring for families in nursing?


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In this unit, you are asked to think about your own family beliefs and culture and how it relates to your own caring behaviors.  It can be a challenge to think about something that is so innate to one's life.  Self-reflection is a high level of critical thinking.  It can be used to open one's mind and learn more about the world.

 This Nursing WebQuest introduces the concept of caring for families in nursing practice.  When a nurse provides nursing care for a patient, the nurse must consider the family in which the patient is a member.  For example, when a baby is born, the nurse considers the rest of the family as well.  When my son was born via c-section, the pediatrician did an immediate assessment.  Then the nurse took our son and my husband and the nurse showed my husband how to bathe our son.  It meant so much to my husband that he was teary-eyed when they re-joined me.  My husband is a macho-type man that does not show much emotion, so I knew the birth of our son and being included in his first bath had touched him.  Our entire family received nursing care.

When my mother was dying, some nurses included  my siblings and I by talking to us about what was happening.  They allowed us to stay at her bedside with her in her final hours and provided us with privacy.   These nurses practiced family-centered nursing.   Sadly, there were other nurses who told us to go home and they would phone us when our mother died!  We would  never let our mother die alone, so we always had someone sit vigil with her until she died.  This is a big part of my family culture--to show support by being present.

Another example is of the middle-aged married man who is diagnosed with diabetes.  It is important to include his family with the diabetic education so they understand how to help him and his treatment, nutritional and exercise needs.  This patient and his family need family-centered nursing care.

 I hope you will practice family-centered nursing care and recognize the importance of family nursing.

Each family has their own unique culture.  How do cultural beliefs  impact caring for families?  The remainder of this Nursing WebQuest will focus on the cultural beliefs related to caring.

After active participation in this Nursing WebQuest, the learner will

1.  Identify the importance of family nursing.

2.  Identify the connection between culture and caring.

3.  Reflect upon one's own family culture and share in a discussion post.

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