by Melissa Weston, Jersey Shore Middle School

Modified by Eileen Thorpe

An exploration of Ancient Egypt for 6th grade students.



This WebQuest has been created for students to work in cooperative teams of four members. Each member will be responsible for unwrapping the layers to discover Ancient Egypt.


Students, ahead of you lies a great journey. As a member of a team, you will be in charge of unwrapping the layers of the journey.  Each layer has a specific task to complete, and all layers need to be completed. Once your group decides on the roles, you will work on the layers as a group and independently. You will have time in class, but you are also welcome to work on your layers at home. If you need help with your layers, your team should be your first resource. Once every layer has been completed you will present your layers to the rest of the class. Remember, your team is counting on you to unwrap the mysteries of Ancient Egypt!