After you finish reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, each person in your group of three will go online to the following sites and conduct research.

One member of the group will read about Peer Pressure, what it is and what it means to you, at Peer Pressure

Another will pick a famous quote about Character and write about what it means to them. You will pick your quote from the following site Character

The third member of the group will read about Children Living in Poverty and find a story that is particularly meaningful to you. You will find these stories at Children Living in Poverty



 Once each member of your group has completed their research, meet up to share what you have found. Discuss any personal connections you may have made and search for any connections between your research findings and story elements of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Then conduct some additional research by visiting the following sites and search for explicit and implicit connections between Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and real life events from Roald Dahl's life: 

Roald Dahl Psychobiography 

Ronald Dahl's School Days


 As a group, you will assemble a three part Powerpoint presentation about the themes of Peer Pressure, Character, and Poverty and how they relate to both Roald Dahl's life and/or the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. You will each be in charge of a different part of the presentation focusing on the theme you researched. Your presentation must have presenter notes as you will be presenting this to the class. You will each be responsible for presenting the theme and section you worked on and contributed to the whole of the project.