by Jim Laudisio, Williamsville North High School

This WebQuest is intended to be an activity for 10th grade English classes during their reading of William Golding's Lord of the Flies.



You wake up in a thick tangle of jungle vines, bloody and bruised.  Your clothes are torn.  Your head throbs in pain.  A blinding tropical sun beats down into your eyes, blurring your view of the beach ahead.  Slowly, you pick yourself up and look out toward the ocean.  There lies the smoldering wreck of the 747 jet that was supposed to bring you and your classmates to the Hawaiian resort you'd be staying at for your class trip. 

Click here to hear the sounds of the jungle around you... 



As you stumble across the beach, you discover that your classmates are equally battered, but otherwise okay.  The pilots and flight attendants are nowhere to be found, though.  As you stare at the wreckage, one of your classmates comes running down from a hill.  "I've been to the top!" she shouts.  "It's an island!  No buildings, no people, no nothing!"  Several kids groan in dismay.  "The storm blew us totally off course," one kid tells another.  "We could be anywhere."  "I know," the other responds, "and cell phones won't work.  The plane's black box was destroyed.  Nobody knows where we are or how to get to us.  We're stranded!"

Dazed but mostly intact, you and your 25 classmates begin the difficult task of searching through the wrecked plane for any items that can be saved.  It looks like you're going to have to fend for yourselves for the forseeable future.

In the end you will have to figure out two things: one, how to survive in the wild with only a small amount of emergency equipment; and two, how to set up rules for the society of survivors you've been forced to become.

This WebQuest will help you put together a survival manual and to create a set of basic laws for your new government.  You will also create a set of short diary entries detailing your quest for survival.