by Will Johnston, Schreiner University
Kathleen Sullivan, Schreiner University
Kat Sullivan, Schreiner University

This webquest will take students through the basics of music theory. Topics will include note names, key signatures, and major scales. Using interesting web sites, the webquest will require students to work in small groups and help each other with the tasks given.

Teacher Introduction

Hello Fellow Teacher!

This webquest takes students on a journey through basic music theory concepts. Names of notes, key signatures, and other ideas will be presented to students in hopes that they will be able to understand the data received and apply it to the world of music. Three groups will be needed and each group will present their findings to the class to show off what new concept they learned this day. 

Before you and your students dive into this webquest, there are a few concepts and ideas that  you need to have taught or you need to supply to your students.  Thank you for taking our webquest and using it in your classroom. Hope you and your students enjoy!

Things to be pre-taught or understood before students work on web quest:

-Students should be able to identify key signatures and the order of sharps and flats.
-Students should know the half steps and whole steps concepts when writing out key signatures.
-Students should have some basic understanding of note names in the bass and treble clefs.

We suggest covering the material in this webquest before you allow students to work on it so that students understand what the webquest is about rather than be expected to learn just from this webquest. 

Materials Needed:

-Computers that have internet access. One or two computers for each group with a total of three groups.
-Blank music staff paper.
-Textbooks from music class in case students wish to look up concept from different source.
-Time to perform webquest.