Step 1:

You will look up the definition "hero" online using the following websites:

Enchanted Learning Definition 

Word Central Definition

Step 2:

Write down the definitions of the "hero" from the two websites and discuss in group for 5 minutes about your findings. 


 Step 3:

You will be assigned to a group of 4 students and each of you will become a reporter and a

researcher. Each of you will be assigned to do the following tasks:

1)    Choose one of the following websites of famous people?s biographies from past and

       present.   Each of you must select a different famous person.

For the U.S. Presidents, your group may select only 2 presidents:

George Washington

Abraham Lincoln

Barack Obama


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Sitting Bull

Rosa Parks

Mother Teresa

Mahatma Gandhi

Golda Meir

Louis Pasteur

Albert Einstein

Michael Jordan

Michelle Kwan

2)    Click on the website and read about your famous person and fill out the

       Famous Person Worksheet

3)    After filling out the worksheet, you will share the new information of your famous person to  

       your group in a group discussion.

4)    Then fill out Local Hero Worksheet by interviewing a family member or a friend about who

        he or she thinks is a hero.  Use the worksheet which will help you with the interview.  In the

        second group discussion, you will share your information with your group mates.




Step 4:

In your group, you will come up with at least 3 qualities of a "hero" and present a big poster to show these qualities.  You also need to illustrate your group's hero. Consider the following items to be included in your illustration: 

1)    Picture of an action or good indeed that the hero may be associated with.

2)    Pictures that may associate with the three qualities of a "hero."