With the holiday season approaching, we all want to buy presents for our friends and families.  Of course this costs money so we need to figure out how much money we need for each present that we want to buy.  

 I want all of you to make a list of people you want to buy for.  I will give all of you a specific amount of money that you can spend total for everyone that you buy for.  You will then go to stores or go on store websites to find things you want to buy for each person.  You will add the prices up as you go along.  If you go over the amount I give you, you must subtract the items that make you go over the limit and find something that is less money.  Try to buy as many things as possible for the people on your list and get as close to the limit of money as you can.  It is the holiday season and everyone wants a lot of presents.

You will then be making a holiday present budget chart. This will consist of all the people you want to buy for, the items you are buying, how many of the items, and the costs with a grand total.

 You will then create a story problem using addition and subtraction.  Use the things you have learning from making your holiday present budget chart.  You will then put it on a posterboard with the answer and present it to the class.  This will show the class and myself what you have learned.  Be creative and make it colorful!