by Jennifer Nawri

Modified by Regan Brumagen, Calvin Smith Elementary
Jennifer Taylor, Calvin U. Smith Elementary School


What is copyright? 

Do I need to worry about copyright?  How does copyright affect me? 

These are important questions that you need to be able to answer.   In this activity you will learn about the importance of copyright, the proper way to use information that you find on the Internet or in books and the best way to give credit for ideas or works that are not your own.  





When you are researching on the Internet and the information that you need is a copy and paste away, it is easy to take it and use it as your own.  


that is called plagiarism and it is not allowed!


Copyright protects the creator of any original piece of work, whether it be music, art, writing, etc.  You should always give credit to the source of the information you find.  


According to Cybersmart!, 

"It's okay to copy and paste someone else's work into your schoolwork if 

              • you use quotation marks around the words AND 

 • you tell who wrote the words and where you found them.  "

Cybersmart Education Company,2010. (accessed October 15, 2010)